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The most visited art galleries in the world

The Art Newspaper is a specialty publication about art, obviously. Each year they publish a list of the most visited art galleries in the world (museums with art on display) and the numbers are pretty darn impressive. At the top of the list for 2011 is the Louvre, arguably the world’s most famous museum and located in Paris. It holds some of the most amazing works of art the world has ever seen, which would explain why nearly 9 million people visited.

The Metropolitan Museum of art is in second place with just over 6 million visitors. It’s the most famous museum in New York, which is one of the most visited cities in the world so it’s not terribly surprising it gets great attendance. Next on the list are the British Museum, the National Gallery, and Tate Modern, all in London. They have 5-6 million visitors each and between them are stuffed with great art displays for art lovers.