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The world’s most famous art gallery: The Louvre

The Louvre, located in Paris, France is the world’s most visited and most famous art gallery. It’s also a work of art and a monument in and of itself. It’s beautiful and inside you’ll find more than 35,000 pieces of art displayed in the countless rooms. You’ll also likely wait a while to see them all since nearly 9 million people a year visit.

The collections at The Louvre include more than 50,000 Egyptian antiquities (they don’t have everything on display at any given time), Near Eastern antiquities (including the Code of Hammurabi, which is an amazing thing), pieces from the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan eras dating up to the 6th century, more than 6,000 pieces of Islamic art, a huge sculpture department, and more than 7,500 paintings including The Mona Lisa. The sheer volume of works here is intense and incredible.