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Art gallery parties are a better time than you might imagine

I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of you reading this can’t imagine a worse time than going to a party at an art gallery. You’re probably seeing lots of pretentious people talking about the art that looks like garbage and sounding like idiots. That will probably happen at any art gallery party but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. In fact, that’s a big part of the entertainment. Those people generally do know what they’re talking about so you can learn from them or just laugh at the pretentiousness. Both ways are entertaining! You might also be surprised to know that folks at art galleries don’t mind partying down a little and it’s a great place to meet guys and girls. Throw back a few of the drinks they’re offering, flirt a little bit, and have some fun. Find a girl making a quizzical face at a painting and throw a silly line at her. Have fun!